mandy muse

Hi sweet sleepy one, 

Remember that boy I messaged you about recently? My best friend turned lover? Unfortunately that has not blossomed as I had hoped. He’s in a rough place right now and can’t sustain a romantic relationship, really he just needs his best friend. Needless to say, I’m pretty broken up about it, but I’m glad to keep him in my life—one way or another.

On a sexier note, I was able to pursue a very fun and satisfying hook-up with a friend of mine last night. A gorgeous, bearded, tattooed bartender who’s hilarious and very smart and thinks I’m a fucking catch—which I am.
He’s also an ex-football player and very rough (almost as rough as me.) It was so fun and hot to be with someone who’s so much stronger and bigger than I am, even more so to surprise him with my own power.

This is a simple little snap, tried to capture the little bruise I acquired from him. Souvenirs are fun. The editing is inspired by what my friends call my Audrey Horne phase—I love that scene in the high school bathroom. 

"Maybe he’ll realize I’m the woman of his dreams."

Waiting for my Agent Cooper,
Little Neverbird

Well the prodigal daughter returns ;). We’ve missed you here. I’m sorry to hear about your friend but i hope you two are able to stay in each others lives somehow. Now, as to your football friends - he may need to bruise you a little more for photographic evidence. You look as sexy as ever. 


how about getting stabbed

yea getting stabbed is pretty bad but have u ever had slow internet bud
Jemma love